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Conversation is the key! 5 Reasons why conversation practice is essential

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." Confucius

Many English language schools place a big focus on reading, comprehension and grammar when they teach English. Although those skills are vitally important, the role conversation plays when learning a language is often underestimated.

After all, don't we all learn languages so we can start to speak them?

Here are just 5 reasons why conversation practice plays a vital role in English language learning:


A lot of English language classes are based on students answering teachers' questions. But that isn't how things work in the real world - when you arrive in a foreign country, you're going to be thrown into unexpected situations and will need to be able to communicate and respond, calling on all your language knowledge. Learning to communicate and interact with other people will be vital.


Conversation is always two-way. It's not just about talking about what you want to talk about, but learning how to listen closely to pick up key information, and how to ask the right questions to find out more or check your understanding. So English conversation classes are NOT just about speaking, they focus on listening skills and build your ability to hold a conversation.


Conversation is a tool that helps you to build rapport with people. And if you are interested in the people you are talking to, you'll feel inspired to learn the language so you can build a relationship with them.

Looking for a real-life example? What about James and Concetta from the COMUNI-CO team?


When you hold a conversation with someone in a second language, it forces you to recall all the vocabulary, grammar and terminology you have already learned.

Conversation practice is a “link” between grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary, increasing connections between those linguistic elements as you build a sentence.


Meeting new people, talking to them, using your language in real situations to solve problems - surely that's much more fun than reading a book, or clicking on an app?

The CONVERSATION LOUNGE is a short weekly discussion in English facilitated by a mother-tongue teacher that gives you the opportunity to practise speaking English in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.

No grammar, no books and mistakes don’t matter - the CONVERSATION LOUNGE is all about... speaking English. The next CONVERSATION LOUNGE sessions start again on Wednesday, May 26th - so book now to avoid disappointment!

Duration: Book 5 sessions at a time Time: Every Wednesday evening at 7pm UK time for 1 hour (If you need to do a different time or day, please tell us.) Price: £50 for 5 sessions Class Size: Maximum 8 students Level: B1 and above Location: Zoom (we'll send you the link after you register) Discussion Topic: a new theme every week Register HERE for your 5 sessions (Click on "select a date" and choose 5 events. After you have registered, we will send you an invoice) Need more information? Please just call us on WhatsApp 0044 7856 168019 or email us at: and we'll answer your queries.

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